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CK Horse Training and Consulting

Experience life on the back of a horse.

Chloe Capaldi

Horse Trainer

My journey into horse training began in high school when I met two gaited horse trainers that took me under their wings and changed my life. Until that point, I loved horses and riding, but had never trained a horse or heard of a gaited horse. I was fascinated and wanted to learn everything I could from them. The journey continued in college, where I attended Colorado State University and majored in Equine Science. Even in the land of ranch horses, I managed to find another gaited horse trainer to work with where I continued studying my passion. In 2013 I became a PATH Int’l Certified Riding Instructor which allowed me to provide riding lessons for people with cognitive or developmental disabilities, behavioral issues, and more. In 2015 I moved to Northern Michigan, where I continued my work as a therapeutic riding instructor working with veterans. As luck would have it, I fell into another group of people who loved gaited horses. I spent a lot of time working with and training people’s horses using the knowledge I had gained from many mentors and trainers over the years. People came to value my opinion and would come to me for various issues regarding their horses. Once I reached the point where I was riding other people’s horses almost more than my own, I decided to strike out and try my hand at training in a professional capacity.


The goals of my training are to help you have a safe and confident mount that listens to your commands and becomes a great trail partner! I primarily work with gaited breeds, but any breed is welcome here!


I can help your horse with:

Gait Training

Confidence on the Trail

Ground Manners

Mounting Issues


Highline & Camping

I can help you with:

Finding Gait

Horse/Rider Relationship


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